No.1 merchant exporter having various buyers in worldwide have evinced interest in procuring material from the buyers, The Company had imported the 1. scrap and other metals from USA and glycerin 2. coppers scrap (Burch), Brass (Pipes), Aluminum, UBC, Iron scrap from UK 3. Imported machinery from Taiwan and other Asian countries 4. Other materials like Titanium di Oxide for supply to local market. And also import the basa fish from Vietnam in large quantity to sale in local market especially the fish is only available in the surround seas of Vietnam This is in turn will also contribute significantly to both top line and bottom line of the company.


We have large scale of exports in seafood's in the earlier they have exported sea cucumber procured from Andaman and other surround Places in large scale now they have exporting Prawns in chilled and vannamei frozen types to Asian countries. like chilled seafood's are exported to middle east countries and Malaysia Singapore, and the frozen seafood's are to export Vietnam, Taiwan, Hongkong, and other Asian countries in large quantity and they are having own processing unit to utilize the seafoods

We procure granite blocks from various granite mines through Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and TamilNadu shipped from Mumbai port, Vizag port and Chennai port direct to export most of asian countiers like China, Hongkong Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and middle East countries

We purchase various garments Products from huge textile manufacturer for exports in Middle East countries

We also purchase from other state like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra including maize also in huge volume to export for the countries of Malaysia, Singapore

The brass building hardware used in construction of homes offices like Tower bolt, Hinges , etc we also purchase for exporting in middle east countries

We also export stainless steel products like kitchen items and other steel products

We procure spices from various states in India and export in large scale to other countries


They have also go through in government E-Auction and purchase the scrap from central and state government like ONGC, IOCL, HPCL, in ONGC, Karaikal they have purchased in large quantity 300 M.ton of MS Pipes and in IOCL 100 M.ton unserviceable cylinders in HPCL 35 M.ton also they have crushed the unserviceable cylinders and sale in local market

The company has exported various products like Granite Blocks, Textiles garments, Spices, Maize, Brass building hardware, and large volume of Seafood's, they have a separate cold storage plant for processing sea food at Madhavaram, Chennai. The processing unit having capacity of 10 metric ton storage at a time.

The company has developed other activities and construct A luxury community hall in the name of ATM Convention Hall by accommodate 1000 people at a time at MKB nagar, Chennai. It is well maintained by a Manager supported by a team of Skilled workers.

M/s Maideen Exports. The world economic scenario is improving and the growth of business is evident to show this. The company is hopeful of doing good profitable business combined with the rich experience of the promoter. M/s Maideen Exports will be a company to be reckoned with in International trade in the days to come.